Could the Fall of Gluten Mean the Rise of Cider?

Many times, when I mention that I have a gluten allergy, I open myself up to a whole host of questions. Some assume I’m following a fad diet, others want to know how I found out I was intolerant, and a few ask why this affliction is so common as of late. I’m certainly not a doctor, but from what I’ve read, gluten intolerance may be a new diagnosis, but it’s not going anywhere.

Individuals who cannot properly digest gluten have to say goodbye to many delicious American dietary staples; bagels, pizza, bread, cupcakes, pasta… But not only does avoiding gluten change the way we eat, it also changes the way we drink: i.e. say adios to cerveza. No gluten means no beer.

What about distilled spirits made from grains? Again, I’m not a doctor, but my digestive system and I feel that distillation eliminates the presence of gluten. Fortunately, I can still sip on my favorite beverages like gin, bourbon and, of course, wine. But what if you crave a lightly effervescent brew in a frosty pint glass? There are some gluten-free beers on the market, though I honestly haven’t tried them. The easiest (and tastiest substitute) for beer may be cider.

Recently, we read an article about the rise of cider in the craft brewing world. You can read the full article here. Upon reading it, we asked ourselves, Could the fall of gluten help to inspire the rise of cider?

Just as gluten intolerance has been around for some time (albeit quietly), cider has long had a presence in American drinking culture. Fermented apple juice has long been enjoyed by Americans and, as you could imagine, fermented apple juice turns to… [you guessed it] hard cider. Distill that cider (through cold distillation or in a still), and you’ve got… early Applejack. But that’s not what this post is about…

What we’re wondering at FML is: Could the cider boom be due in part to the fall of beer gluten? What do you think?


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